Sustainability statement

Sustainability statement

DATE CREATED: December 2015
DATE REVIEWED: December 2018
DATE OF NEXT REVIEW: December 2019

Alert Training UK Ltd (hereafter the company) is committed to sustainability and intends to achieve excellence in contributing to a sustainable future. We recognise that there are interrelated cultural, economic, social and technological, as well as environmental dimensions to the sustainability agenda which itself is continuously evolving alongside EU and Domestic environmental legislation. This policy will be reviewed annually.

The company recognises its sustainability responsibility as it operates across a range of roles. We are an educator of current and future generations of citizens and professionals living in a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty; we are a contributor to the knowledge economy within its sectors and regions and therefore has an impact on the sustainability of regional industry.

The company focus will be on:
Quality provision of industry related qualifications that match regional, national and EU requirements;
Quality teaching, learning, assessment and support;
Effective responsive links with industry;
A continuous improvement ethos which encompasses technological, environmental, social and cultural advances.

To achieve focus the company will ensure that:
Consultation with learners, staff and other stakeholders;
Provide training for
Learners to ensure they are equipped to address environmental issues in their current and future employment;
Company staff to provide them with the skills to meet the requirements of this policy.
Identifies and assesses the aspects of our activities that may cause significant impact on the environment. Applies best practice e solutions to manage our environmental performance, ensuring that we always comply with legislative and mandatory codes as a minimum requirement, as well as prevent pollution and continuously improve our performance.
Implements procurement practices that account for social and environmental as well as economic impacts such as local purchasing.

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