Code of conduct statement (including learner disciplinary action)

Code of conduct statement (including learner disciplinary action)

DATE CREATED: August 2016
DATE REVIEWED: November 2018
DATE OF NEXT REVIEW: November 2019


Code of Conduct:
This document sets out the Code of Conduct that all Alert Training learners are expected to adhere to and the process when the Code of Conduct is breached. This statement reflects the organisations (Alert Training), values of respect, fairness, equality and diversity.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may lead to disciplinary action being taken and repeated breaches may result in the learner being suspended. The Code of Conduct applies wherever a learner’s behaviour could endanger themselves, other learners, staff or visitors to our premises and associated premises.

The Code of Conduct works within the requirement of the Disability Discrimination Act Part IV. Where learners have a disability, including mental health issues or behavioural difficulties, reasonable adjustment will be made to ensure they are not discriminated against.

Disciplinary Action:
Whereby a learner breaches the Code of Conduct – the following process will be followed:
Informal Resolution – informally address issues or causes for concern through discussion and agree a way forward to monitor and resolve the situation.
Verbal Warning – Informal Resolution failed.
Formal Written Warning – Verbal Warning failed.
Formal Disciplinary Hearing.

** at every point of the processes open and respectful discussion will be ongoing between the learner, organisation, (guardian and employer if applicable)

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