What is it?

Being physically aggressive with the intent to harm someone. This could be from someone you have a personal relationship with such as a partner or a family member.
Honour based violence is a violent crime or incident which may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family or community.

It is often linked to family members or acquaintances who mistakenly believe someone has brought shame to their family or community by doing something that is not in keeping with the traditional beliefs of their culture.

What can Alert Training UK do?

• We take all instances of violence extremely seriously and involve the police and other agencies where necessary
• We have a team who you can contact if you’re a victim of violence
• We will take action if you have been a victim of violence or fear someone may be violent towards you
• We provide advice and information, including details of national organisations that can help with special reference to domestic violence.
• We review our learners’ welfare regularly via telephone reviews and/or learner visits

What should you do?

• I will talk to someone if I feel that I am a victim of violence
• I will talk to someone if I think someone else has been a victim of violence
• I know that I can report my concerns to the Alert Training UK team

If you are worried or have any concerns, please contact Alert Training UK.
During office hours: 01722332212
Outside of office hours: 07967000048

Other useful resources

Refuge & Women’s Aid
The National Domestic Violence helpline, a 24-hour confidential domestic abuse service run by Refuge and Women’s Aid.
Telephone: 08082000247

Men’s Advice Line
Anyone can suffer domestic violence, and the Men’s Advice Line supports male domestic abuse.
Telephone: 08088010327

Provides support for victims and advice for agencies. Halo work with our partner organisations, public bodies and other services to enable the best possible protection and safety from harm for victims of any age or gender. Our first priority is to keep you safe from perpetrators of honour based violence, forced marriage and FGM. We also have experience in helping people who are victims of trafficking, sham marriages and domestic violence.
Telephone: 08081788424 (Freephone)

01722 332212
01722 332212