Programme Induction


These will be discussed, understood and agreed by both the learner and employer prior to the commencement of any learning programme. Specific information on eligibility across levels will be explained to inform the decision to commence a learning programme, this will included fully funded offers, co funded offers and full cost offers including information relating to the 24+ learning loan.

It is possible that you will be undertaking a programme with the potential to be used as ESF match funding and therefore deemed to be partly funded by the European Social Fund.

Progression routes

These will be discussed and clearly identified in terms of academic level progression, e.g: intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2) to advance apprenticeship (level 3) and career progression in terms of potential job roles following completion of learning programmes.

Employment contracts

Dependent on the type of learning programme followed a suitable contract of employment will be offered by the employer. The employer will be informed of the AGE grant at its current level, and if eligible, an application will be made.

Policies and procedures

These will be explained and where appropriate signed copies will be made. Initial assessment and skills scanning will occur and inform the course content of the learning programme. Sign up paperwork will be completed and explained.

Course content

Individual portfolio is issued, expectations from the employer and learner are identified and expectations from Alert Training UK Ltd are set, and an assessor is allocated.

Health & Safety

A formal audit is completed by Alert Training UK Ltd and records are kept.

Personal Information

An individual learning plan (ILP) is created with the specific College (lead provider) which has been allocated and includes personal information. This is kept at the company’s office in a secure manner in accordance with the Data Protection Act and is used to record information that will assist and support the learning process.

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