ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management

The new ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management will allow practising or potential first line managers to develop their management skills, gaining the knowledge, skills and understanding required to demonstrate their occupational competence against the related areas of the 2012 CFA National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Leadership and management.

Broadening the skills, knowledge and behaviours in a more flexible and practical way related to today’s leadership and management practices were varied and non routine management tasks are required by first line managers within a defined area of responsibility, some limited opportunity for taking decisions, managing budgets and responsibility for achieving specific results by using resources effectively through allocating work to team members, colleagues or contractors

To attain the qualification learners would have to gain a minimum of 55 credits.

Candidates must complete all units from:

  • Mandatory Group A with a combined credit value of 31,
  • A minimum of 17 credits from Optional Units Group B
  • A maximum of 7 credits from Optional Units Group C.
  • A minimum of 41 credits must be achieved through the completion of units at Level 3 or above.

Group A mandatory units:

• Manage Personal and Professional Development (3 credits)
• Manage Team Performance (4 credits)
• Principles of Leadership and Management (8credits)
• Principles of People Management(6 credits)
• Principles of Business (10 credits)

Group B optional units:

• Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (3 credits)
• Manage Individuals’ Performance (4 credits)
• Manage Individuals’ Development in the Workplace (3 credits)
• Chair and Lead Meetings (3 credits)
• Encourage Innovation (4 credits)
• Manage Conflict In a Team (5 credits)
• Procure Products and/or Services (5 credits)
• Implement Change (5 credits)
• Implement and Maintain Business Continuity Plans and Processes (4 credits)
• Collaborate with Other Departments (3 credits)
• Support Remote or Virtual Teams (4 credits)
• Participate in a Project (3 credits)
• Develop and Maintain Professional Networks (3 credits)
• Develop and Implement an Operational Plan (5 credits)
• Encourage Learning and Development (3 credits)
• Discipline and Grievance Management (3 credits)
• Develop Working Relationships with Stakeholders (4 credits)
• Manage Physical Resources (4 credits)
• Manage the Impact of Work Activities on the Environment (4 credits)
• Prepare for and Support Quality Audits (3 credits)
• Conduct Quality Audits (3 credits)
• Manage a Budget (4 credits)
• Manage a Project (7 credits)
• Manage Business Risk (6 credits)
• Manage Knowledge in an Organisation (5 credits)
• Recruitment, Selection and Induction Practice (6 credits)
• Manage Redundancy and Redeployment ( 6 credits)
Group C optional units
• Buddy a Colleague to Develop their Skills (3 credits)
• Contribute to the Improvement of Business Performance (6 credits)
• Negotiate in a Business Environment (4 credits)
• Develop a Presentation (3 credits)
• Deliver a Presentation (3 credits)
• Contribute to the Development and Implementation of an Information System (6 credits)
• Resolve Customers’ Problems (4 credits)
• Resolve Customers’ Complaints (4 credits)
• Gather, Analyse and Interpret Customer Feedback (5 credits)
• Employee Rights and Responsibilities (2 credits)
• Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace (2 credits)
• Manage Events (6 credits)
• Review the Quality of Customer Service (4 credits)

Barred units:

• Participate in a Project, Is barred against this unit: Manage a Project

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