CIEH Level 2 Award in Conflict Resolution & Personal Safety

Work related violence is on the increase, making staff vulnerable to physical and psychological damage. The CIEH have developed this course to protect staff and operational effectiveness.

Benefits of undertaking the course include:

  • Enables employees or potential employees to protect themselves in the face of confrontational behaviour.
  • Provides employees with an understanding of:
    • The terminology used in conflict resolution
    • The laws that apply to organisations and their staff
    • How risk of conflict can be assessed
    • Methods of defusing confrontational situations
    • The importance of personal safety
  • Streamlined one-day programme covering the specifics of conflict management

Subjects covered:

  • Law
  • The work environment
  • Resolving confrontational situations
  • Personal safety

Learning outcomes on completing this qualification candidates will be able to understand:

  • The terminology used in conflict resolution.
  • The laws that apply to organisations and their staff
  • The concepts of a safe working environment and how risk of conflict can be assessed.
  • The use of appropriate methods to de-escalate a confrontational situation.
  • The importance of personal safety.

Course Duration:

6 Hours


Multiple-choice examination


On successful completion of the course and examination, candidates will receive a CIEH Certificate.

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01722 332212