Maths at Level 1

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Functional Skills in maths at Level 1

Who is this qualification for?
Level 1 will suit you if you have some knowledge and basic skills and are ready to handle more complex problems, involving familiar and unfamiliar contexts. You’d like to learn how to express, understand or apply more advanced concepts or ideas.

Course Duration
The duration of this course is from 12 weeks, consisting of one x 2-hour session per week. It should be noted that you will be expected to complete some work in between sessions, at home, as well.

Topics covered
This qualification covers skills that include:
• Understanding practical problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts and situations, some of which are non-routine
• Identifying and obtaining necessary information to tackle the problem
• Selecting mathematics in an organised way to find solutions
• Applying mathematics in an organised way to find solutions to straightforward practical problems for different purposes
• Using appropriate checking procedures at each stage
• Interpreting and communicating solutions to practical problems, drawing simple conclusions and giving explanations

Assessment method
This qualification is assessed by an externally set and marked paper-based or on-line test.

£120* based on a minimum 5 students per class
Funding may be available

Qualification specifications

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01722 332212