Maths at Entry Level

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Functional Skills in maths at Entry Level

Who is this qualification for?
Entry level will suit you if you’d like to learn and develop basic skills in mathematics. It will give you support and guidance and the ability to progress from entry level 1 through to entry level 2 and subsequently 3. This qualification is intended for anyone wishing to get ahead in work, education or daily life by building your maths skills with the Functional Skills qualifications.

Course Duration
The duration of this course is from 12 weeks, consisting of one x 2-hour session per week. It should be noted that you will be expected to complete some work in between sessions, at home, as well.

Topics covered
This qualification covers skills that include:
• Understanding simple mathematical information and describing solutions to simple practical problems in familiar contexts and situations
• Using mathematics to obtain answers to simple given practical problems that are clear and routine
• Selecting basic mathematics to obtain answers
• Generating results to a given level of accuracy
• Using given checking procedures
• Beginning to develop own strategies for solving simple problems
• Interpreting and communicating solutions to practical problems in familiar contexts and situations

Assessment method
This qualification is assessed by an externally set and internally marked paper-based test.

£120* based on a minimum 5 students per class
Funding may be available

Qualification specifications

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01722 332212