Advanced Apprenticeships

Get paid while you learn…

Apprenticeships are all about learning on the job. As an Apprentice you will be paid a wage by your employer as well as given on the job training that will allow you to gain relevant vocational qualifications. You gain valuable and practical experience, as well as specific work-related skills.

You will spend time studying independently and with a trainer/assessor for Functional Skills qualifications, an NVQ, Employment Rights and Responsibilities and a Technical Certificate.

You will gain:

  • Practical and real experience of the job you want to do
  • Relevant knowledge and skills
  • High quality training
  • An NVQ level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship)
  • A Technical Certificate
  • Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths


An Apprenticeship will help you show potential employers that you have skills, qualifications, dedication and commitment. It can give you a head start in the job market as well as increase your chances of earning a good salary in the future and moving up the career ladder.
Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular and the demand for places is high. But when you look at the achievements and the success of many former apprentices it’s not hard to see why!

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01722 332212